Unguarded is a Berlin based experimental electronic music and art label.

In 2020 long-term collaborators Tim Roth aka Sin Maldita aka 1k Flowers and Philipp Hülsenbeck aka Uxile founded Unguarded to foster forward thinking artists with a focus on exploring cross-disciplinary collaboration and embarking on sonic adventures. In 2022 they were joined by long-term friend and likeminded soul Dounia Biedermann.

Unguarded was founded in a time of turmoil and uncertainty for artists and music, trying to keep personal connections alive through shared personal and collective experiences between doom and destruction and glistening hope.

Amongst their own contributions, Hülsenbeck, Biedermann and Roth gather a collection of genre-defying works by longtime collaborators as well as artists they bonded with in recent years. Their releases constantly escape from definition but through entangling their unique artistic marks, this diversity remains absorbing and compelling throughout their sprawling sonic miasmas.

Combining earth-shattering club cuts, equally elegant and bouncy, Unguarded contributes to and connects the experimental music scene in and outside of Berlin. We invite the curious to a deep, tense but rewarding experience.